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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Candles from Primark

Here are two of many candles you can buy from Primark. Slowly as the brand has broadened it's product range their home collection has really grown into its own department. From bedding to bath mats, candles and mugs. There is something now for every room. The only thing they are missing is actual furniture. 

I have long been a avid buyer of yankee candles, but sometimes the cost can be a lot for such a small home item. Sometimes I walk away thinking £10+ for a candle is ridiculous. So, I set myself a challenge to find some nice home candles which didn't come with such an unappealing price tag. These candles cost £2 each and come in a glass holder. They last for ages claiming to burn for 30 hours each (handy if you have a power cut). Each candle has a distinct scent which is reminiscent of more expensive candles. 

I have never had a problem with these candles and they come in smaller sizes which retail for £1 (in a glass jar) or tea lights with the same scent. 

This candle smells fresh and almost like a light men's aftershave. It fills the room quickly with a warm alluring scent. 

This candle smells fruity and earthy. It is really musky and fills the room quickly. 

I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any questions comment bellow. 

Laura x 

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