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Friday, 28 October 2016

NYX Mini Haul and Review

For so long when I see youtube videos I am forever hearing vloggers name drop NYX as the affordable cosmetics brand which make jaw dropping gorgeous products . I knew eventually I would cave in and buy these. After discovering that Boots online were stocking this brand I knew that it was time to get my hands on these. 

I picked three products to try, two NYX liquid suade cream lipsticks and one NYX baunkadunk mascara. 

Verdict on the lip suede: I love them for their colour pigmentation! They are 100% amazing in colour, but sadly these suffer the issue many liquid lip products do because they flake away leaving a really horrible affect on lips. This stuff can also get stuck to teeth leaving a not so attractive red tooth smile. LOVELY. If you want these I would recommend not laying them, and do not touch up. If it is looking a bit patchy start from scratch (take wipes with you). It looks so bad if you layer this product!

Verdict on the mascara: This applies very well and does make a lovely look. It also smells like oranges which is bazaar considering it is on my eyes. But it too flakes and leaves spots of dried mascara everywhere. It drove me bananas as I wore this to work. It started to flake within a few hours of putting it on, and I wasn't doing anything crazy so i'm a tad disappointed. This has remained at the bottom of my makeup basket and is a LAST resort mascara. 

I honestly wouldn't recommend these products. Save your money and buy something else. 

I would like to say to end that I have had some lovely products from NYX since this haul and love their eye-line, eye-shadows and eye-pencils. 

Laura x 

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Cute Stationary!

Okay so pretty much everyone who works at a desk knows that it can become such a drag, so lighten up your desk with this SUPER CUTE stationary! In this post you will find all the links to the products, and you will be able to see prices too so if you want them you can buy them too!

Okay so Christmas is also coming and people are looking for ideas. Stationary is a great practical gift which can also be super cute!

Lets start by this purple and pink collection of goodies. I shall list all websites you can buy these and shops/ prices. I love stationary because I love to see things which are super colourful. The two pens are the front come as a pack of 4 which are available from Amazon for £1.46 HERE. The hello Kitty note pad is also available at Amazon for £2.45 HERE.

Here are the super cute TY beannie puzzle eraser, as cute as they look they are actually rubbers! But these are too cute and they hang out on my shelf. I am particularly fond of the hamster and pander. These I found in poundworld last week, they were in packs of 4 for £1. 

The only thing was I have a couple of duplicates, but these would make great cheap stocking fillers or to brighten up your desk. These are available for 99p each at WHsmiths HERE. They are quite small and do come apart, so please do not buy for small children as they could swallow them!

Next is the dinosaur rubber!!! Who is hanging out with Panda and Hamster. I brought this beast of a rubber at Chester Zoo. But amazon sell them too... At £9.99. But you do get 4 of these for £9.99. Find them Here. 

Meet the PIGGY sharpener! This is so super cute I couldn't say no! It was £2 and also comes as a Tiger. I picked this up in the weekly shopping and thought this was way better than a magazine for the price. 

These super funky animal print pens are from zebra. These come as a pack of three, and retail for £2 each. The black top ones are black ink and can be brought HERE. The ones with colourful tops are coloured ink (same as grip colour)  and can be brought Here.  

Every large hoarder of stationary (ME) knows what these are. But for the rest of you these are pens which rub out! Great for mistake prone people or if you just enjoy the idea. I love these and have a whole set of them. You tend to get a pack of 3 (blue, black and red) and they are available on amazon for £5.86 HERE

I love Sharpie pens! They are genuinely the best permanent markers on the market! There is such a choice and they are really good for pretty much everything. From labeling pasta pots, to school uniform or even CD's. They can also be great for mood drawings (which is what I use them for). I would warn anyone though these will stain any surface, but to get off use alcohol or acetone. I brought this pack for £7.99 which is a pretty good deal, this set is available at Ryman HERE on offer for £7.99. 
Sharpie also do a metallic range! These are going to make a great addition to the craft box and will be much loved over the Christmas period. These work really well on black card which really makes the shine stand out. These are available at Hobby Craft for £3 HERE. I love these so much and they are just as fun as the metallic gel pens from when I was a kid. 

My pen jar happens to be  an old hot dog jar, you can turn pretty much anything into something usable again. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

Laura x 

Friday, 14 October 2016

There's A Dupe For That! Too Faced Blusher

It's another blog post on There's A Dupe For That! Today's post focuses on yet another Too Faced Product which has been duped by a more affordable brand. These (above) are the Blushing hearts and bronzer by the I Heart Makeup brand, this is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution which is renowned for it's dupes of the Lorac pro palettes and their Urban Decay Naked Palette dupes. 

The Too Faced products which are very nice, pretty and easy to use cost £24 in Debenhams, they are called the Sweetheart Blushers. They are amazing, I love them and I love pretty much all Too Faced products I have ever tried! However, in comparison  they both have very similar packaging and layout of products, they are also extremely similar in intensity and quality. The I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts retail for £4.99 and are available at Superdrug, which is a considerable saving. 

I have put the LINK HERE for the superdrug page for UK, but if you're interested and are not from the UK I have linked the makeup revolution page HERE as they ship internationally. 

This shade is called Candy Queen of Hearts and retails for £4.99. This is a dupe of the Too Faced Candy Glow shade (£24). This has a lovely sheen on the cheeks and is really nice. 

This shade is called Peachy Keen Hearts and is the dupe for Too Faced Peach Beach. This is a blusher I genuinely pick over my MAC ones as the finish is so pretty, if you like a bit of glow. 

Now this bronzer which is called Summer of Love isn't a dupe, but I thought I would add it in to show you just how pretty and unusual it was. This has such an iridescent glow and the top shade can be used as a yellow based highlighter. I tend to steer well clear of the dark shade as it's a tad too warm for my skin. But the over all effect is very pretty. 

In terms of product the I Heart Makeup contains 10g of product, where as the Too Faced ones only contain 5.5g. 

You can swirl the products together or use each shade individually. DO NOT DEPOT these products as they just break up and go EVERYWHERE! The packaging is sturdy and very similar to the Too Faced one, it is made from cardboard with the product pan glued inside. There is no strong smell to this product and after having these for 6 months I am yet to break out from them ( I have very sensitive skin). 

Final verdict: 10/10

I am yet to find a negative with this product. It's pretty, applies well with all brushes and is super pigmented. It lasts all day and is really affordable. I love Too Faced they make some really amazing products but for the price I would buy the Blushing Hearts product again and again!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, if you did please comment and like
Laura x 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Strange Products? Dragons Blood Face Oil

The very last thing I want is to think my face will become droopy and wrinkle filled!!! Its what my nightmares are made of...I'm 23. Yes I spend way too much time googling how not to age. So, I cane across this strange product... Dragon's blood. Humm sounds yum for my face. 

It's an oil (DISAPPOINTMENT) which smells floral and is clear. It does feel good on the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and tight. I haven't noticed any of my baby wrinkles going yet but it is nice to put on my face in the evening. It might be more about moisturizing than wrinkle smoothing. 

Final verdict? I feel disappointing in this product after a few months of using it I have noticed no difference, however I didn't break out or get irritated by this product. Honestly, I have better products lingering in my draw which I reach for a lot more. 


Hope you enjoyed reading this. 

Laura x

There's A Dupe For That! Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

Hello, welcome to there's a dupe for that ( a title I have borrowed off my friend because I thought it was an awesome idea). This is a new dupe from the W7 range. Now we all know by now W7 are the dupe kings for the Naked pallets and the Hoola bronzer by benefit. But with the recent obsession by the makeup world of Too Faced it's no surprise that W7 have launched a pallet which looks distinctly familiar to Too Faced Boudoir eyes.

Check out below 

Here is the packaging. It is a tin package which closes together, unlike the Too Faced one it is not held by a magnet. Now I don't own the Too Faced Boudoir eyes as  at £29 it is quite expensive. When I fist saw the Eye Want It palette I didn't instantly think DUPE, but the layout did remind me of the Too Faced ones which is what led me to see how similar it was. This palette cost me £3.99 in TK Maxx, however on their official website W7 it's £5.95.

The outer packaging is pretty and unusual which is what caught my eye browsing the isles in the shops. Inside there is 9 eye shadows which range from matte to metallic. The shadows are held in by a sponge which has started to lift in the corners. 

One issue I have is the shadows have no names at all! I have no idea what they are called and can not find anything online which would help me identify the shades. But never mind. So, left start with the swatches. 

This is the shadows with no flash straight out the pan onto the arm, no primer or dampened brush. The first two light shades we're too pale to even see!!! This is a common issue with lots of shadows. They work much better with a primer and damp brush. 

This is with a primer and damp brush! Like a lot of cheaper palettes it needs that extra help to stick down as the shadows are quite dusty and kick up a lot of product. 

Finally here they are with primer and a flash on the camera. They are beautiful and easy to use once there is a good primer underneath and a damp brush to minimize product fall out. 

The middle shade which has the largest pan has a duo-chrome fleck between pink and gold which is really unique. 

Final verdict? 7/10 

These are a lot better than the W7 naked dupes which can seem a bit hard and chalky to use, these blend a lot better on the eyes and are fun to use. These are not the best eye shadows I have ever used (Urban Decay wins there) but they are certainly usable and make many pretty looks and it is something I will continue to reach for. I think this palette would be great for people who don't own loads of neutral palette's, or want to try some nice easy to use set of neutrals. They make lots of nice, not over the top looks, are give a soft finish which is elegant. I also think from swatches online that these are quite similar to the Too Faced ones. This would also make a great stocking filler for Christmas. 

Would I recommenced? Yes! Even at the full price of £5.95 I will spend more money on coffee and cake. I love the packaging and think they are presented very nicely and the products are good. My sister saw I had brought it and got one the next day, she loves it so much! 

I hope you enjoyed this post as I haven't posted for ages! My up coming reviews include the NEW URBAN DECAY VICE XX LTD

If you would like me to post some looks with this please let me know x 

Laura x 

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The by Nature Range

Now who loves nice baths which smell like a holiday abroad? MEEEE **Waves Hands In The Air**...  Here is a product which comes from New Zealand and is just amazing!  It smells super fresh and has the most luxurious bubbles for a shower gel ever. This retails online for $6.99 yes $ not £. I couldn't find a UK store who stocks this products. This is in a 500ml bottle and comes in a body wash, body cream and a body scrub. There is a whole range from classical lavender to mango and coconut (sounds yum). 

It is so nice to find something which is good for my skin as it's super sensitive and something which I really enjoy using. Because lets face it, shower gel which is fragrance free isn't fun for anyone. Find the website HERE

I Love This Product Because: It contains vitamin E, Coconut oil and Ocean Minerals. It cleanses and softens skin and is good for my sensitive skin. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Laura x 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Body Shop Oil

The summer sunshine is just around the corner (if you have booked a holiday abroad). So how about getting that great holiday feeling from the comfort of your own home. Hail! The Body Shop Dry Oil! 

There are so many varieties of this oil, ranging from strawberry, to coco and of course this one coconut. The oil is fast absorbing and smells fantastic. The coconut fragrance isn't overly sweet like so many coconut fragrance, it is rather earthy and natural. 

The oil leaves the skin with a healthy inner glow, and you can use this on your skin, face and hair. 

Like all Body Shop products they are not tested on animals. They retail at £10 each and are available in store and online at The Body Shop Online 

I have gone through 4 bottles so far and i'm not planning on stopping, this has been great on my eczema prone sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you have any questions leave me a comment. 

Laura x  

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